church and peace Regionaltreffen Großbritannien und Irland

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church and peace Britain and Ireland Regional Day, July 2022. The Work of our Hands? Reconciliation in Turbulent Times.

church and peace Regionaltreffen Großbritannien und Irland, Juli 2022. „Das Werk unserer Hande? Versöhnung in turbulenten Zeiten”.

2. Juli 2022 in Birmingham, Großbritannien


  • 10.00 Welcome, Keynote and Q&A, with Sam McBratney
  • 11.00 Workshops 1-3
  • 12.00 Lunch Break
  • 13.00 Keynote & Q&A, with Justine Huxley
  • 14.00 Workshops 4-6
  • 15.00 Wrapup & Closing

Workshops by:
Victoria Turner
Ana Raffai
Place for Hope UK

A day conference bringing together those working for peace and justice in the UK.

Join this day conference to explore the challenging task of reconciliation in church and society. Get inspiration from and discuss with our speakers on caring for others and ourselves while working for reconciliation. We will explore together how to deal with conflict and fractions in church and society, how to care for ourselves and others while working for reconciliation.

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