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Ecumenism and Peace

Ecumenism and Peace: From Theory and Practice to Pilgrimage and Companionship. By Fernando Enns.
Practical Overview of Global Ecumenism and Reconciliation.

Ecumenism and Peace by Fernando Enns, book.
Ecumenism and Peace by Fernando Enns

The globally reconciling-conciliar Church is on the path - the via transformativa - toward unity through action and reflection, guided by the Gospel visions of justice and peace. Fernando Enns analyzes what has been learned in recent decades on the ‘testing grounds’ of ecumenical theory and practice, then demonstrates how the new era of the WCC’s action-oriented programs produce ongoing, diverse ecclesial efforts toward social and spiritual transformation.

Enns examines in depth the WCC’s ‘Decade to Overcome Violence,’ leading to the theological basis of the ‘Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace,’ a further outgrowth of what the oikoumene has learned through peace-centered ecumenism. The development of a full, coherent, inspiring, globally-responsible and effective commitment to seek ‘just peace’ remains an urgent task as the Church considers Christ’s Companionship as our model for this journey.

Part practical guide to ecumenical methodology and part theological interpretation and prognosis, Enns shows how both ecumenism and peace are, in essence, the mission and purpose of the Church today.

About the Author:
Dr. Fernando Enns is Professor of Theology and Ethics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and Director of the Amsterdam Center for Religion and Peace & Justice Studies. In addition, he is Professor of (Peace-) Theology and founder of the Center for Peace Church Theology at the University of Hamburg. Since 1998, a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Enns has been moderator of several international study groups on behalf of the WCC. He is also vice chair of the Association of Mennonite Churches in Germany (AMG).


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Gelassenheit Publications and World Council of Churches Press
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August 2022

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