God Without Violence

God Without Violence, Following a Nonviolent God in a Violent World

J. Denny Weaver
God Without Violence
Following a Nonviolent God in a Violent World

Playing off a five-year-old boy's question concerning whether parents would put their son to death on a cross, this book plunges headlong into the ongoing debate about the character of God. Following the historic faith confession that God is revealed in Jesus, the book's first chapter sketches the life and teaching of Jesus. That life, which reveals Jesus' rejection of violence, calls for an understanding of God in nonviolent terms. Weaver thus invites us to embrace a nonviolent atonement image, which stands as a direct challenge to the inherited atonement images.
Deriving theology from the narrative of Jesus also leads Weaver into discussions about the very nature of theology, the character of the Bible, the divine violence in the Old Testament (as well as the purported divine violence in the book of Revelation), and a rethinking of historic Christology. Each of these discussions has implications for life today--implications for economics, forgiveness, violence, gender discrimination, racism, and more. The book is thus an introduction to foundational issues of theology and ethics, suitable for church discussion groups and introductory college classrooms.

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
230 Pages
Publication Date: 9/29/2016
ISBN: 9781498294126

Drawing upon his groundbreaking work in narrative theology in The Nonviolent Atonement and The Nonviolent God, J. Denny Weaver has now written a practical, accessible guide for ordinary Christians on its implications for the most important issues of our day: economic justice, racism, gender equality, and care of creation. This book is a must-read for any serious Christian concerned about living the way of Jesus in the midst of our violent world.

– Scott Anderson, Executive Director, Wisconsin Council of Churches

In this fresh and superb work, J. Denny Weaver challenges the church to loop back, again and again, to our Christian roots found in the story of Jesus. By some miracle he was able to write an accessible resource and also intertwine several of his key theological contributions from former books into one text. Read this book with others, and expect a meaningful conversation to open around how we can embody the narrative of Jesus for our time.

– Drew G. I. Hart, Assistant Professor of Theology, Messiah College; Author of Trouble I've Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism

Inviting us to 'live the story of Jesus' and to 'join the conversation' the Bible poses about the character and identity of God, Denny winsomely guides us in reading the Bible as revealing a nonviolent and loving God. This is a wonderful book for Sunday School or discussion groups--accessible and compelling in its presentation of a coherent theology that resonates with the best of our contemporary values.

– James Rissler, Pastor, Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship

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