Is There a Lesson? European Anabaptist Heritage tour

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If you have ever travelled with John L. Ruth on a TourMagination European Anabaptist Heritage tour you won’t want to miss his documentary Is There a Lesson?. During this 92-minute film, relive your memories of travelling the Anabaptist heritage trail in Europe through still photography from the 1960’s through decades of film footage to video from John’s more than 60 heritage tours. The multi-country tour is linked by the twinned motifs of sword and song, emphasizing the original centrality of the Anabaptist theme of biblical nonresistance. Even if you never went on a heritage tour, this film will help to bring the stories of Anabaptist leaders to life as you virtually “visit” significant sites in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland etc. This film, created with his videographer son Jay Ruth, is an important part of John's legacy as a beloved and knowledgeable Anabaptist storyteller.

Ab Minute 1:11:13 kommt das bayerische Dorf Augsburg ... okay okay, es ist eine Kleinstadt. Das „Ducherhäusle“ am Hinteren Lech, in dem Susanna Ducher (Daucher) zur Versammlung lud, die von der Stadtwache an Ostersonntag 1528 gesprengt wurde. Wir haben an der heurigen Osterversammlung, zu der wir öffentlich im ökumenischen Rahmen einluden, daran erinnert.

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